29 November 2015 – Rob Whiteman and “Advent Sunday”

Rob Whiteman led us through a consideration of what Advent Sunday might mean for Unitarians. He introduced the idea that, in contrast to how we often think of it today, Advent was traditionally the second great season of fasting in the Christian calendar (after Lent). We looked at how fasting is a spiritual discipline in Buddhism and Islam, teaching the believer to value what they have, and consider what life is like for those who have little.

15 November 2015 – Rev. Tony McNeile and “The soul and God are one”

Rev. Tony McNeile asked us to think about why we are here on Earth, and how we have always been part of the universe. His address ranged from Hegel’s idea that due to our own individual natures, we must each imagine God, to the Ancient Greek idea of thymus, that souls are energy and pure mind, and the notion of biocentrism, the theory that consciousness creates the universe, not the other way around. As Tony commented, “The soul settles within its religion, but it should also develop there.” Are we separate from God, part of God – or is God part of us?


22 November 2015 – Rosemary Arthur and “What happens when we pray?”

Rosemary Arthur invited us to think about what prayer means for Unitarians, and how we can reimagine prayer in the modern world.

1 November 2015 – Rev. Margaret Kirk and “Saints and Sinners – some reflections on All Saints’ Day.”

On All Saints’ Day, Rev. Margaret Kirk asked us to consider what the notions of “saints” and “sinners” mean to Unitarians, in a church which tends to believe in neither concept! What does it mean to be a saint in the modern world? We agreed that it does not imply perfection, but a striving to overcome imperfections.


8 November 2015 – Rob Whiteman and Remembrance Sunday

Rob Whiteman led us in a powerful and moving service, reflecting on the losses sustained by all participants in war, and looking to the future.