20 March 2016 – Rob Whiteman and “The Spring Equinox”

Rob invited us to consider the ways in which cultures around the world have mythologised the Spring Equinox, when every place on Earth receives the same hours of light and darkness. Many ancient monuments are (or appear to be) aligned to the sun’s position at that time, and myths have sprung up around it, from the Greek myth of Adonis and Aphrodite, to the Sumerian myth of the goddess Inanna’s descent to the underworld. Rob concluded by asking us to think about how we can learn from other faiths without misappropriating them.

6 March 2016 – “A Many-Splendoured Thing”

Unfortunately our student pastor, Rob Whiteman, was not able to lead us in the Mothering Sunday service. Maurice Large stepped into the breach to lead a service with the theme ‘A Many-Splendoured Thing’. Considering different views the Kingdom of God, including those from St. Thomas’ Gospel, and the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, we were invited to consider how we perceive reality, and whether the “Kingdom of God” is already here.