17 July 2016 – The NUA Whitby Trip!

We joined our fellow members of the Northern Unitarian Association, the Stockton Unitarians, for a trip to Flowergate Chapel in Whitby, where we were also joined by Unitarians from York and the Whitby congregation for a memorable service led by Margaret Kirk. It was great to see the old chapel (an excellent example of a traditional Unitarian chapel) filled with Unitarians. We made new friends and enjoyed the sunshine!

10 July 2016 – David Arthur and “Religious liberalism and democracy”

Taking the recent EU membership referendum as a starting point, David Arthur asked us to consider: “How, as a religious liberal, does one react to a situation – any situation, not only the political – when a democratic decision has apparently been made, which in your opinion is not just wrong, but disastrously wrong?” With readings from William Ellery Channing and John Milton on the meaning of having a free mind, we looked at the history of political sermons, and considered the importance of conscience.