30 October 2016 – Rev. Tom McCready and “The Unitarian Past of Ramsey MacDonald”

Rev. Tom McCready led us through an excellent presentation on the Unitarian teachings of Ramsey MacDonald, following his research into the first Labour PM’s Unitarian past and writings, and taking in archive footage from the BBC. We concluded by reviewing the pacifist vision of both Ramsey MacDonald and Pete Seeger.

23 October 2016 – Rev. Tony McNeile and “The Power Within”

By way of Dylan Thomas’s ‘October Poem’ and Bolton FM’s “Thoughts for the Day” (to which he is a contributor) Rev. Tony McNeile asked us to consider the myth of Sisyphus, who founded the city of Corinth, as an introduction to St Paul’s “Letter to the Corinthians”. (Could Sisyphus have left the boulder at the bottom of the hill?) What is it we reach for in life?

2 October 2016 – Chris Pilkington and “Fellowship Sunday”

Chris Pilkington led us in our annual Fellowship Sunday service. Beginning as a commemoration of the start of the ministry of Rev. Herbert Barnes, our annual Fellowship service is a celebration of the fellowship shared by all who worship and have worshipped in our church. Chris discussed his own journey to his current Unitarian beliefs, and welcomed everyone to join in our Fellowship Lunch after the service.


9 and 16 October

Unfortunately your loyal highlight writer was not present on 9 October 2016 for Dot Hewerdine, GA President, and her service on “You Don’t Have to Do It On Your Own”, or for Prof. Paul Harvey on 16 October and his service on “Through the Looking Glass”.