26 March 2017 – Paul Dawson and “The Wilderness is Good for You”

Paul Dawson, from the Wakefield Unitarians, led us through a very appropriate service for the time of year, as we are in Lent and Easter approaches. He asked us to think about Jesus’ time in the wilderness, where Jesus went away from the distractions of the world to explore his thoughts and challenge himself. Should we too use this time to head into our wildernesses, taking time away to challenges our views?

19 March 2017 – Maurice Large and “Thinking Small”

Maurice Large, our church Acting Secretary, led us as we considered the power of thinking small. With readings drawn from the Bible, Marcus Aurelis and Simon Loveday’s book, “The Bible for Grown Ups”, Maurice’s service drew on examples from life and from history; for example, the history of how different peoples developed different number systems tells us a great deal about their underlying habits of thought.

12 March 2017 – Rev. Margaret Kirk and “Rising Above Nation, State and Self”

Rev. Margaret Kirk led us in a very timely and inspiring consideration of “Rising Above Nation, State and Self”. Inspired by the popular hymn “This is my Song” (or “Finlandia”) and the writings of the philosopher A C Grayling, Margaret asked us to think about the dangers of nationalism. In our current situation, how can we combine the love many of us feel for our country with an acknowledgement that we are all inhabitants of the same planet?