21 January 2018 – Maurice Large and “Frank Lloyd Wright”

Our Acting Secretary, Maurice Large, gave a fascinating service on a subject many of us were not aware of – the similarities between the Unitarian Universalist Unity Temple in Chicago, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and our own Church of the Divine Unity.  We considered how Lloyd Wright’s life influenced his design for a new church to suit a new era, and how the architects of our building (Cackett, Burns Dick & MacKellar, who also designed the Tyne Bridge Towers) were influenced by his work. At a time of great change, we acknowledge the service our building has done for this church.

17 December 2017 – Maurice Large and the “Carol Service”

We rounded off our year with our traditional Carol Service, with old favourites like “Hark! the herald angels sing” and “Ding dong merrily on high” interspersed with readings about different aspects of the Christmas story – kings, angels and shepherds – and the legend of the Sage Bush and how it is said to have sheltered Mary and Jesus as they fled from Herod’s soldiers.