25 February 2018 – Stephen Jackson and “A faith for the age of globalisation, or how not to destroy the world”

Stephen Jackson led us through a powerful and thought-provoking service on one of the most pressing issues of our age; how to meet the needs of the many people in the world seeking refuge and asylum. Mixing Biblical readings with his own poetry (and the classic Unitarian hyjmn “This IS My Song, O God Of All The Nations”), we thought about what our duty is to our fellow human beings, and how, as individuals, we can make a difference.

18 February 2018 – Elizabeth Faiers and “‘Tis winter still… enjoy it!”

Elizabeth Faiers led a timely service on “’Tis Winter Still: Enjoy It”, focussing on the season of winter and its challenges and blessings. With readings by John Harley, Elizabeth Lerner, Elizabeth Tarbox and Margaret Owen, Elizabeth asked us to reflect on how the past season has been for us, as the year turns towards Spring.