21 February 2016 – Rev. Tony McNeile and “God for a change”

Rev. Tony McNeile asked us to consider different notions of God, beginning with the Native American concepts of the Great Spirit, a divine, but not human-like, being. He drew a parallel between the times of upheaval described in the Bible before and after the leadership of the prophets, and the upheavals our own world faces. Do we need to move on from hoping that a great leader will help us to see the way forward, and towards accepting that we need to do this for ourselves?

14 February 2016 – Prof. Paul Harvey and “Patriotism”

Prof. Paul Harvey led us in a consideration of what patriotism means in the modern world.  Many of us are proud of our country; how can we balance this pride with a respect for the traditions of others? Drawing on his own experiences of conflict during his younger years, Prof. Harvey invited us to think about how concepts of patriotism have changed in the last century, and what it means for us today.