Service Highlights

These service highlights are the attempts of one member of the congregation to give a flavour of each week’s service.  (Another person might give a different account, as indeed might the celebrant themselves.) They do not include the many readings and prayers that go towards making up our services – for those, you need to visit us on a Sunday!


April 2017

2 April 2017 – Stephen Jackson and “Commitment Issues”

Stephen Jackson began with two poems: “Acquainted with the Night” by Robert Frost, and “Love After Love” by Derek Walcott. We considered what we can commit to in this modern world, and where the Star of Truth might lead us.

9 April 2017 – Ben MacLeod and the Spring Miscellany  

Ben MacLeod led us through our traditional Spring Miscellany, looking at what this season means to us. Many members of the congregation contributed, including personal pieces about walking in the Lakeland Fells, poems and readings, love music provided by David Venus, and a discussion and meditation on the ancient Spring Equinox festival of Ostara.

16 April 2017 – David Venus and Easter

Alas, your loyal service highlight writer was not present at this service.

23 April 2017 – Stephen Carlile and “The Many Faces of God”

Stephen’s service took in everything from quotes from Rumi to a solo performance of part of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads monologue, “Bed Among the Lentils”. We considered the many different aspects of God, and how human beings have experienced the Divine throughout our history.

30 April 2017 – Joan Cook and “Let Us Pray”

Joan Cook looked at what prayer means in different religious traditions, including ours. What does prayer mean for Unitarians? A fascinating and thought-provoking service.