Service Videos

View these videos to get an idea of the sorts of topics we cover in our services! All videos have subtitles, to view them, click on the subtitles button in the bottom right-hand corner, next to the ‘cog’ button for the settings.

Elizabeth Faiers and “The Wonder of Trees”, May 2017

Louise Reeve and the NCCCT Prayer, November 2017

A prayer written by Rev. Tony McNeile, read out by Louise Reeve on November 2017 as this was our month to be on the Newcastle City Centre Churches Together prayer list, and we wanted to thank the NCCCT for including us and invite them to pray with us.

Stephen Jackson and “Commitment Issues”, 2 April 2017

David Venus and “Resurrection and Rebirth”, 16 April 2017

Elizabeth Buie and “Grief”, 3 January 2017