31 May 2015 – Rev. Cliff Reed and “The Lamp and the Chalice: Light in our Darkness”

Another first service at the Newcastle Unitarian Church, taken by Unitarian minister and writer Rev. Cliff Reed (author of “Carnival of Lamps” and “Unitarian? What’s That?”). Rev. Reed’s service on ‘The Lamp and the Chalice: Light in our Darkness’ focussed upon the origins of the Unitarian flaming chalice symbol, and its origins in World War 2. In a wide-ranging service covering everything from the ‘Twilight Zone’ to the songs of Merle Travis, Rev. Reed described how in the 19th & 20th centuries some north-east Unitarians in the north-east lit a Miner’s (or Davy) Lamp to begin their services. With the recent rediscovery of the Choppington Miner’s lamp at the Newcastle church, this was a service whose links to our own history and heritage were much appreciated by all.

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