About Us

Each of us is passionate about the freedom that Unitarianism offers us to we travel along our own individual spiritual path. The support and fellowship we find here is invaluable to us.  Because we do not have a permanent minister, we hear from a wide range of speakers: ministers, lay preachers and congregational members from other Unitarian Churches across the North, Yorkshire and South Scotland. This reminds us each week of the diversity of views that make up the Unitarian spectrum and challenges us to think anew each week.

A few of us are life-long Unitarians, but most of the current members of the congregation have made a personal choice to join this church, as we seek to incorporate a spiritual dimension into our lives. Whether after careful research; inspired by the example of notable Unitarian Social reformers; by personal recommendation or simply by chance or accident, we are relieved to have found our way home. We were Unitarians all along- we just didn’t know it.

It is an exciting time for us at the church, as we start a programme of revitalizing our congregation. As we start to get out and talk to people about Unitarianism, we are discovering more about what this faith of ours is all about and what it means to us individually, and as a group. We are also strengthening our ties to the wider UK Unitarian network, which is diverse, lively and stimulating. If you are thinking of joining us, you will be welcome as a fellow traveller. If you can only stay a short time, before moving on down your individual path, we will be glad to have met you and hope that whatever you encountered with us proved helpful.

About Unitarianism

Unitarianism is an open-minded and individualistic approach to faith that gives scope for a very wide range of beliefs and doubts.

Religious freedom for each individual is at the heart of Unitarianism. Everyone has the right to search for meaning in life and reach their own conclusions.

Unitarians see diversity and pluralism as valuable rather than threatening. They want faith to be broad, inclusive, and tolerant. Unitarianism can therefore include people who are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan and Atheist.

If you are interested to find out more about Unitarianism, we recommend you visit the UK website: www.unitarian.org.uk 


We are an ‘excepted charity’ (a charity with an annual income of £100,000 or less and a member of the Unitarian denomination – more information here: Excepted charities).