Eleanor Broad, by Rosalind Johnson

Eleanor Broad

I am sure everyone at the Church is very sorry to hear the news of the death of Eleanor. She was one of the backbone and valued members of the Church for so many years. Without having people like Eleanor, it could not have functioned as well as it has. Always willing to undertake whatever needed doing; down to earth; full of common sense and a thoroughly delightful woman. It has been great pleasure to have known her, and I am sure everyone a the Church must feel the same.

Eleanor was on the committee for so many years, even carrying on up until recently. The Durant Players could not have operated without her, and a she was a very good actress who was a great asset to the Players in their heyday.

Eleanor was one of a band of women whose worlds were turned upside down at the beginning of the Second World War, when they were conscripted into the forces and expected to get on with it. It must have been such a great change for them and hopefully their example and legacy has improved the lives of women to the present day.

Eleanor joined the Church with her sister Hazel and she told me how they tried out different Churches, but decided the Unitarians were for them, as it coincided with their views on religion and found it stimulating and free of pettiness. I am sure Eleanor will be greatly missed along with the other long serving members who have died recently. The Church will a sadder place without them, but I am sure their example has left a good basic foundation for the present day members to live up to. Rosalind Johnson