Rev. Lilian Scott Preston, 1932-1935

Lillian Preston deserves mention as the only female minister in our 350+ year history in Newcastle. Although appointed as the Minister of Choppington chapel, she was also an assistant to Rev. Herbert Barnes. She served from 1932 to 1935. (Our board listing our Ministers says 1931 – 1935, but this cannot be correct because, having trained at Unitarian College Manchester, she went on to obtain a Certificate in Theology from Manchester University in 1932.)

She went to Birkenhead in 1936 and then was at Horwich throughout the Second World War. She died in January 1964 after twenty years of increasingly disabling illness. In an obituary in the Inquirer Rev. Magnus Ratter wrote, “Her ministries were everywhere esteemed and her high courage was an inspiration to all.”