Joseph Cowen Centre Collection

Joseph Cowen Centre in Byker

The Joseph Cowen Healthcare Centre on Wilfred Street in Byker provides healthcare advice services to homeless men and women, and those who cannot register with a GP. The centre operates on a drop-in basis, and people who are homeless can go there to get a cup of tea, bath or shower, and a change of clothing.

Joseph Cowen Jr. MP, (9 July 1829 – 18 February 1900) was an English radical Liberal politician and journalist, and Member of Parliament for Newcastle between 1874 and 1886. A statue of him can be seen on Westgate Road in Newcastle. He is also said to have occasionally attended the Church of the Divine Unity, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, during the ministry of J. C. Street down to 1870, and was considered by Unitarians to be “an outside member of the denomination”. (Source: “TRANSACTIONS OF THE UNITARIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY SUPPLEMENT”, April 2009, accessible online here: TRANSACTIONS OF THE UNITARIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY SUPPLEMENT.)

Joseph Cowen MP statue on Westgate Road in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We support the Joseph Cowen Centre by collecting the following items for them:

  • Drinks: Teabags, instant coffee, sugar, coffee whitener, instant hot chocolate
  • Hot snacks: Cup-a-soup, pot noodles, instant porridge
  • Men’s toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gel, soap, shower gel, shaving gel, razors
  • Men’s underpants – any size
  • Men’s socks – any size

For the latter two items, second hand are fine if they are clean and in good condition! The Centre does not have cooking facilities, so ‘hot snacks’ must be the ‘add hot water and stir’ type (not needing to be microwaved or have hot milk added).

The Joseph Cowen Stone near the city walls.