Letters from Roger Tarbuck

Rev. Roger Tarbuck was our minister at Newcastle upon Tyne Unitarian Church between September 1977 to 1994, and later served as our Pastor between 1996-2004. He writes a letter for each of our calendars, which are published here on our website.


Rev. Roger Tarbuck

Roger Tarbuck

Rev. Roger Tarbuck was born in 1934 and turned to the Unitarian Ministry in his 40s after completing National Service with the East Lancashire Regiment, and having a career in the travel industry. He served two years at sea as a clerical officer with Royal Mail Lines, before shore placement in their Passenger Department in Manchester. During this time he took a trip round the world and worked for a time in the offices of a shipping company in New Zealand.

Upon deciding to become a minister he studied first at Unitarian College Manchester, then at Manchester College Oxford, and in 1976 came to Newcastle upon Tyne to take a service. Following that, he was formally invited to become a candidate for our vacant pulpit and was appointed minister from September 1977, where he stayed until retiring in 1994. In 1987 he married Bronda, a widow member of our congregation.

When Rev. Peter Roberts (appointed 1994) left us in 1996, Roger came back as Pastor, with a commitment to take a service once per month, and stayed until 2004, when he retired. He is a Spanish speaker and learned to play the guitar, although modestly has never claimed any proficiency at it. His regular letters to the church are always much appreciated!

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