Service Videos

View these videos to get an idea of the sorts of topics we cover in our services! All videos have subtitles, to view them, click on the subtitles button in the bottom right-hand corner, next to the ‘cog’ button for the settings.

Louise van der Hoeven and “Why Look at Animals?”, 19 August 2018

Rev. June Pettitt and “Sudden Splendours and Welcome Surprises”, 1 July 2018

Rev. Tony McNeile and “New Ways to Worship”, 13 May 2018

Louise Reeve and “Introducing the Findhorn Foundation”, 29 April 2018

Ben MacLeod & Diana Bebby and “Play”, 22 April 2018

Louise van der Hoeven and “Into the Woods”, 15 April 2018

Prof. Paul Harvey and “Thinking Freely and Thinking Justly”, 18 March 2018

Louise van der Hoeven and “Leisure Time”, 13 August 2017

Louise Reeve on the Findhorn Unitarian Network Experience Week, 2018 February

Louise Reeve and the NCCCT Prayer, November 2017

A prayer written by Rev. Tony McNeile, read out by Louise Reeve on November 2017 as this was our month to be on the Newcastle City Centre Churches Together prayer list, and we wanted to thank the NCCCT for including us and invite them to pray with us.

Prof. Paul Harvey and “Ambition”, 20th August 2017

The Northern Unitarian Association Trip to Whitby, July 2017

Barry Thomas and “Social Responsibility”, 4 June 2017

Rev. Tony McNeile and “Different Together”, 28 May 2017

Lesley Hartley and “May, the force be with you”, 14 May 2017

Elizabeth Faiers and “The Wonder of Trees”, 7 May 2017

Joan Cook and “Let Us Pray”, 30 April 2017

Stephen Carlisle and “The Many Faces of God”, 23 April 2017

Louise Reeve reports on the General Assembly, 23 April 2017

David Venus and “Resurrection and Rebirth”, 16 April 2017

Stephen Jackson and “Commitment Issues”, 2 April 2017

Rev. Margaret Kirk and “Rising Above Nation, State and Self”, 17 March 2017

Elizabeth Buie and “Grief”, 3 January 2017

January 2017 – A Tribute to Eleanor Broad




We’d like to reassure people attending the church who may prefer not to appear onscreen that the only person being filmed during the service is the person leading it. In the event we need to film in a way that might capture other people on screen, we’ll let you know in advance and at the start of the service, and ensure there is somewhere for you to sit if you’d rather not be filmed! Big thanks to Brian Robson for doing the filming!