Spirituality and a Henry Hoover: The Findhorn Unitarian Network Experience Week 2018

Louise Reeve doing Love in Action in the Findhorn Community Centre

The Findhorn Community is now 60 years old and, like Unitarianism, its members hold many differing beliefs, but three founding principles in common. Louise Reeve stayed there in January 2018, as a guest of hte Findhorn Foundation and the Findhorn Unitarian Network, and describes here what the three principles mean.

Inner Listening

“When we become still and go within, either through meditation or activities such as being in nature, we can find a deep inner knowing that reaches far beyond the sense of a small and separate self” (Findhorn Foundation website)

The Experience Week aims to give visitors, including the 17 Unitarians who had signed up to the Findhorn Unitarian Network (FUN) visit, the chance to experience some of the Foundation’s daily life and beliefs. Each gathering (to eat, work, or the workshops that form part of the week) starts with an attunement, in which those present form a circle, hold hands, close their eyes, and attune to their feelings about being present in this particular moment for this purpose.


Work Is Love In Action

“Love where you are. Love what you’re doing. Love who you’re doing it with.”  Peter Caddy.

Another fundamental aspect of the week is to join in sustaining the community by contributing to its maintenance, and thus those on the Experience Week take part in Love in Action by participating in cleaning the sanctuaries and shared buildings, cooking food, or gardening. Some of my happiest moments from the week involved wielding the Henry Hoover around the Park’s Community Centre.


Co-Creation with the Intelligence of Nature

“Our planet is alive and aware. By communicating and working with the rest of nature humans can find and bring new and creative solutions to life.”

Findhorn was founded on the visions of its creators, and the community aims to live in harmony with nature. This, perhaps, is the most subtle and personal aspect of life at Findhorn. Regard for nature is fundamental to Findhorn, and we saw this in action in our tour of the community, visiting the famous gardens, the new ecovillage housing, and the famous “barrel houses”. It was an eye-opening trip!