….the Spring Miscellany

All religious fellowships develop their own unique traditions. The Newcastle Unitarian Church’s include our Spring Miscellany. Many thanks to Maurice Large for providing the information included here.

The Spring Miscellany Service

The two Miscellany Services are regular fixtures of the church calendar, occurring at Christmas and Spring. They arose as a practical solution to the problem of being a church with no permanent minister, and thus having to find a way to ensure we had a service during two times of the year (Christmas and Easter) when booking someone to lead worship can be somewhat challenging! The Spring Miscellany also solves the issue that around the time of the Unitarian General Assembly (at the start of April), ministers and lay leaders are often not available due to their being at the conference.

More importantly, as a service in which everyone brings something to share, they enable all members and regular attendees of the congregation to take part in our service. A member of the management committee is responsible for co-ordinating the service, choosing the hymns, and setting the running order, and everyone is invited in advance to contribute an Easter- or spring- themed song, poem, story, reading, article, or piece of music. It is always a happy event!