…the Robinson Book

All religious fellowships develop their own unique traditions. The Newcastle Unitarian Church’s include the Robinson Memorial Book. Many thanks to Maurice Large for providing the information included here.

The Robinson Book commemorates both deceased members of the church and people who have supported the church. It was a gift from the Robinson family in memory of their parents, the last of whom died in 1958. Maurice Large notes: “I have looked through the Calendars for 1958 and 1959 but have not found any entry, other than Mrs Robinson’s funeral, which was not until the beginning of 1959”. Since then, we have discovered that the new book was received on 1 October 1961, and first read out on that date, at a service to unveil the memorial stone for Herbert Barnes. New entries to the book are traditionally read out on Fellowship Sunday, of which more below! The front-page of the book is shown here.